After the year we all just had in 2020, bringing new routines of health, fitness, love, compassion, and happiness are what 2021 is all about! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we want to give you 10 ways to gift fitness to the love of your life this year or maybe these gifts are for yourself! Don’t forget to love YOU too! The times of chocolate, flowers and teddy bears are overdone and overrated, although I wouldn’t mind a nice bouquet to display in my kitchen. These days, we are looking for practical gifts that you can enjoy year round, especially when it comes to the one you love wanting to invest in their health and fitness.

Let’s get started here with the first gift!
Gym/Studio Membership: One of my favorite gifts is to treat your love to a month or 2 of their
favorite activity for fitness! Fitness for a lot of us is not only about the body. It can really keep
people in a great mental space and decompress from a hard week. What a gesture to help keep
your love in a healthy space! Whether it’s a gym membership, barre studio, yoga, spin class,
whatever it may be…going with them and treating them to a month is a perfect gift for the one
you love!

Foam Roller: One of my favorite items for fitness ever! My favorite is from Lululemon but you
can find these anywhere! This product is amazing for soothing sore muscles and achy backs.
After a nice hot shower or bath to relax the muscles, rolling out with a foam roller can really
ease a lot of aches and pains. I always immediately feel better as it relieves tons of pressure!

Fitness Tracker (Apple Watch) : This one is a no brainer! If your love doesn’t already have one,
a fitness tracker is an awesome gift for the fitness lover in your life. There are a few options out
there but the 2 most popular are the apple watch and the fitbit. I have tried both and think they
are both incredible products that aid in knowing more about your body during workouts.

Bala Bangles : These are a new find and I am completely obsessed! They come a variety of
colors and come in .5lb, 1lb, and 2lb weights. These are basically wrist and ankle weights! It is
an incredible and easy way to increase your workouts without doing much different! I’ve started
out with the 1lb weights for wrists but already have 2lbs on the way for ankles! Especially with
the type of workout that I love, True40 (barre, pilates, yoga), It’s the perfect combo!

On Cloud Shoes: These are the hot new sneakers out on the market! I have heard nothing but
amazing things about them! They come in a huge variety of color combinations and I’ve heard
they are the most comfortable sneakers out there. Whether you’re a runner or you wear
sneakers on a day to day basis, these are definitely the ones to try! They are a bit pricey than
your average Nike or Adidas but totally worth a try in my book! I’m sure your significant other
would love them.

Water Bottle : You can’t go wrong with this one. We are over the days of plastic water bottles
that cause added and unnecessary pollution to our earth. Nowadays there are tons of water
bottles out there on the market that are incredibly innovative and really work well with an active
lifestyle! Yetis keeps your water icey cold and the lululemon water bottles have the perfect
shape to hold during sweaty workouts! Find your favorite and you can’t go wrong with this one.

Yoga Mat: Now, for the yogi in your life…or the want to be yogi ha A brand new yoga mat
definitely needs to be on your radar! Not only are they great for actual yoga practice but basic
stretching on hardwood or grass! Anyone and everyone who is in fitness should have one!
Fitness or Nutrition Journal: A fitness/nutrition journal might be the unconventional one here!
We are thinking out of the box people! Not every fitness lover is super in tune with nutrition but
this might be a great way to get the ball rolling and stay accountable. Maybe even a planner to
stay on track with daily activities! It’s all about organization here and staying accountable with
your goals! Of course this gift is for a certain person so take each of these gifts and assess what
your partner would love the MOST!

New Workout Clothes : I mean, who wouldn’t love a new pair of leggings or shorts! Heck, make
it a whole new workout outfit! Whenever you look good you feel good and that doesn’t stop in
the gym or the studio. For whatever reason, new workout outfits always revive me for a workout
and make me feel like I can take on whatever my instructor has that day! Sort out your
Valentine’s favorite brand and grab a few pieces to spoil them for their next sweat session!

Gym Bag : Lastly and probably the most practical is a gym bag! Something to store all the
goodness they have as they walk in and out of the gym or studio! I’ve been there…the girl
carrying her phone, keys, wallet, water bottle, change of clothes and fresh pair of barre socks all
in my hands as I run through the studio doors with 5 minutes before class starts! Let’s not be
that girl or guy! A fresh gym bag is essential in staying organized! While doing something great
for your body, let’s also try and keep the mind clear of stress and clutter.

Giving the gift of fitness to your Valentine this year is easier than you think! There are so many
options and ways to continue and support in your partner’s journey to a healthier or more
balanced form of themselves. They will love you for it!