We’re a little over a week away from the day we’ve ALL been waiting for: January 1st, 2021. The past year has been QUITE the rollercoaster and although the new year is always a breath of fresh air, this one feels a little different. It’s easy to set goals for the new year that are hardly sustainable. If we want this year to actually be different, then maybe we should look at our goals differently? Here at True 40 Downtown Birmingham we are gearing up for the New Year and want you to get ready with us!

Break Your Goals Down

Make a list. Write it alllll down. What do you want to accomplish this year? What’s holding you back? Now that you have a list of 20, let’s consolidate. Maybe group your goals together or maybe mark some off. If your list is too long, you’re going to get overwhelmed and odds are you will completely scrap all of them. You know you. If you think that you can handle all 20, then go for it! If you think that you need to cut it down to 10 or maybe even 5, then do that!

Reframe Your Goals

Now that you have narrowed your list down, let’s dissect each one. Maybe instead of saying “I want to lose 40 pounds” you could reframe it “I want to be as healthy as possible”. Each goal can have its own fine print, but this will help keep a healthy mindset. Try to remember that a healthy lifestyle should help you move towards to direction of more specific goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the measurements aren’t reading what you want them to! A healthy lifestyle is a journey not a destination! 

Accountability Partners

Call your mom, your best friends. Tell them what you want to accomplish this year. They care! And they will hold you to these goals you have for yourself if you want them to. Once you tell someone else, things change! These goals become real rather than being that thing you wrote in a journal that one day late December and never looked at again. You could even ask them to join you for a class at True 40!  

Keep Track of Your Goals

What’s the best way for you to keep up with everyday tasks? Do that! Maybe in your planner, or maybe googling goal tracker and using one of the SO MANY resources that are available. Do what works best for you! Do you see the trend here?

Give Yourself a Break

You are not perfect! You’re going to mess up and you’re going to pick yourself back up and try again. These are things that you want to change in yourself and they’re for the better. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it! Don’t be the statistic. Stick to your goals, even when it’s hard! You’re capable of immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine. Believe it!

Need Some Help Picking Your Goals? Here’s 21 for the New Year!

  1. Show up early
  2. Volunteer for a cause that is close to your heart
  3. Be mindful of your work-life balance
  4. Learn more about ______
  5. Travel near and far
  6. Go back to school
  7. Call the therapist
  8. Better your communication skills
  9. Prioritize saying no
  10. Buy the outfit you’re scared to wear
  11. Do more of what brings you joy
  12. Be more consistent at the gym
  13. Stick to the outer perimeter of the grocery store
  14. Be true to yourself always!
  15. Read more
  16. Cook one new thing each week
  17. Invest in your loved ones
  18. Set aside an hour a (day, week, etc) to achieve your goals
  19. Do a 60 second plank each day
  20. Become kinder to yourself
  21. Practice gratitude in all aspects of your life