Are you new to barre classes? Have you been wanting to try a class but you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep up? Don’t know what to expect? What’s holding you back? True40’s workout is designed for everybody. No matter your age, fitness level, injury, etc, it’s for you! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s go over some common mistakes that new clients make when trying out our class for the first time. These are easy corrections when you know what you should be correcting!

Weak Core

Throughout our class, you’ll constantly hear your instructor reminding you to focus on your core and pull it in a little tighter. When you do this, you are automatically creating a more neutral spine. You should be actively weaving your core muscles together. When you picture this, it truly does work! Turn your tailbone under when you’re in an upright posture, keep your back glued to your mat when you are working there, push your hips one inch closer to the mat for your final plank. It all comes back to your core! This might now be something that you’re used to but with practice, it will become second nature!

Making Your Movement Too Big

The majority of the movements you will be doing are very tiny. These isometric movements are targeting, lengthening, toning specific muscles. You’re only moving about the size of a paperclip, one inch down, one inch up. There are other, large range movements mixed in but your instructor will always show and tell!

Listen, Listen, Listen

Like I said, your instructor will be setting up each posture, explaining what you are doing, then showing you exactly what you need to know. Make sure you’re paying attention! If you missed something, look around the room, look at your instructor, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your instructor at True 40 is trained to watch for clients that may be doing something wrong. They will always help and make sure you are protecting your body!

Not Preparing Accordingly

Sure, our class is low impact, but don’t let that fool you! The high energy aspect will get you. Make sure you are fueling your body to prepare for your workout. Drink water eat before if that’s what you need. Bring your water and your sticky socks to class and get ready for 60 minutes of BURN! Listen to your body throughout class. Take the modification when you need it. Our workout is very specific and one that your body might not be used to. Know that you are capable of more than you think, but also give yourself the grace that you deserve!