We have all been there! When you are a beginner, it can be hard to start and commit to your health and fitness journey. After having my first daughter, Sutton, I had to begin again —even though I had stayed active through my entire pregnancy until I was about 37 weeks pregnant. After giving birth, being on maternity for 12 weeks with little to no exercise throughout that time, I was starting over. Once I was cleared, it was tough navigating  my way through workouts I was SO familiar with, but could no longer do. Whether it’s YOUR first time working out, or you’re returning to exercise after injury or taking some time off, I know how overwhelming it can be. Maybe you’ve tried and didn’t know how to begin — you might have even used the excuse that True40 is too difficult, even with modifications. If you’ve attempted going to a gym or starting a new workout program, you might have felt intimidated, were unsure how to use equipment, or what exercises you should be doing.

Ladies, if you have been putting off starting your health and fitness journey here are some of my best tips to help you start.

It can be hard to start — or restart — your health and fitness journey for many reasons. These tips can help you overcome obstacles and begin today.

Start Out Easier Than Easy

The key is to start out EASY when you are a beginner — it should feel like you are holding back during your workouts, which might mean going slower or reducing the number of reps of exercises in your workout to ensure proper form. True40 is specifically designed so women everywhere have the tools to build strength and a fitness foundation using basic movement patterns. Trust me — you’ll feel SO much better getting through your workout comfortably, rather than pushing yourself to the point of fatigue and feeling discouraged. When you start out slow, you’ll feel that you have more energy than when you began, and this will help motivate you to keep going. Remember, your health and fitness is a JOURNEY. Enjoy your experience as a fitness beginner — the time will come to work harder!

Modify Modify Modify

You should feel in control and confident when working out, at any stage of your fitness journey — struggling through an exercise just because it is part of the program does NOT mean that it is the best variation of the exercise for YOU. There is no shame in modifying an exercise or being a beginner — I had to  modify EVERYTHING after having Sutton, and that is okay. Listen to your instructor and take those modifications as they come.

Find a workout buddy to keep you accountable

A good way to keep you accountable with your workouts is to find a workout buddy — I love how supportive the WHOLE True40 community is, and the best part is that they are only a click away! Little by little we are expanding our community. We just added our very own Tuscaloosa Community Facebook page where everyone can chat, discuss and support one another! Hoping to share some healthy summer recipes next month! Get on facebook and join our group! Make it your mission to connect with other women during class, your instructors, through facebook or even instagram! We love to see our solid True40 friendships!

Schedule workout days in your calendar

Make your workouts a priority — just as you would an appointment! Schedule your workout days in your calendar and know what you are going to do  BEFORE you begin so that you have everything you need for the session to run smoothly, and without any distractions, whether you’re training at home or in the studio. Have your clothes and socks ready the night before for a morning workout or packed in your bag for an after-work studio session. My advice is to work out whenever you CAN! It honestly does not make a difference if you work out in the morning or at night, as long as you get it done! Can’t make it to the studio, commit to your True40 session virtually! You will be so glad you moved your body!


Set goals

Consider your goals and be realistic about how often you need to work out to achieve them — is it really worth getting less sleep just because you think squeezing in an extra workout will help you hit them faster? Find what matches your lifestyle, schedule and energy levels and do that! Maybe commit to participating in one of our challenges, or attending various pop ups will help you set, achieve and challenge your mindset. This truly is a lifestyle change. You are committing to yourself again, and that’s always an incredible thing!


Allow time for recovery

If you lead a busy lifestyle, adding more exercise may not be the best option to achieve your goals. If you are starting out, try to get in at least two workouts each week and use the other days to focus on moving when you CAN, and getting enough rest to recover from your workouts. You can overcome your barriers and get started with fitness today! Whatever’s holding you back as a fitness beginner, you can use these tips to overcome it. When you commit to making time for YOU, you can start to work towards your goals confidently, and in a way that will suit your lifestyle. As you find your fitness motivation, you can even inspire others around you who might have the same fears or obstacles. That’s what True40 is all about. Supporting each other in our little  community as we achieve our goals to live better, healthy more fulfilled lives. How have you overcome your fears of starting with fitness? Did you overcome it on your own or did you need some guidance through this blog or a friend? We want to hear from
you so share your tips with us!

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