There are so many different and new accessories on the market that make working out so fun and exciting. When it’s hard to find motivation to get to class, these products are there to help you! Here’s some of my current favorite fitness accessories:

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great to have to prepare before or after a workout. For those days when your muscles have had enough, or maybe yesterday you went in a little extra on your legs and need some help with your sore muscles. A couple of minutes with a foam roller, and you’re ready for class. They go deep into your muscles to really get an extra stretch!

Bala Bangles

My new favorite thing! Bala Bangles are wearable weights to add a little more to your workout. I love wearing them on my wrists during warm up, legs, and combo then changing them to my ankles during glutes and core. They come in 1 and 2 lb options but don’t be fooled, they add SO much to your overall workout! They’re also great if you’re going on a walk or run. They’re very versatile and super cute!


Yoga Mat + Strap

Having a yoga mat is important if you love attending pop-ups or taking on-demand classes at home.You could just workout on the floor, but that seems unsanitary and you definitely needed another reason to go buy a cute *and necessary* fitness accessory. Lululemon has high quality yoga mats that have a good grip even when you are sweating puddles! They’re a little pricey but will last you a long time and you can usually find one on sale.


Apple Watch

My Apple Watch is truly my #1 go-to fitness accessory. Have I said that already?? I love tracking not only my workouts but my daily activity as well. You can pick from probably a hundred different workouts and also compete with your friends! I’m the type of person who needs accountability and wearing any type of fitness tracking watch does just that! There are several other brands that have smart watches that will track your activity. After absolutely no research, I think Apple is the best 😉

At-Home Workout Gear

There are several things that are important to have if you want to make the most out of your at-home workouts! TRX straps are amazing and can really add that next level to your workout. All you need is a door to hang your straps and yourself for an amazing full body workout. Dumbbells are classic to have at home. I prefer having both a lighter and heavier set depending on what type of workout you’re doing! Dumbbells aren’t pricey at all and you can purchase them on amazon, Target, or any recreational store! Some other good options are resistance bands, gliders, and kettlebells!