It’s February 2021. This time last year, we were hearing about Coronavirus in the news. It was distant talk of a suspicious virus that has led to all of our lives and perspectives on … everything completely changing. As you probably know, we are located in Birmingham, AL and had a mandatory, and necessary, shut down in March 2020 due to a state mandate. What we thought would be a couple of weeks turned into 2 months being closed. During this time, we had plenty of time to come up with policies to ensure that our clients would be safe while at True40 upon re-opening. Things will be a little different here at True 40 but we are so excited to get back to the studio to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals!  Although, these policies are continuously evolving, here are our most current ones:


As soon as both clients and staff arrive, we check their temperatures to ensure that they do not have a fever. A low-grade fever starts at 99.5˙ F. If anyone has this temp or above, they are asked to leave. Everyone is required to wear a mask at the studio. You have to wear it until you get to your station and then immediately put it back on after class. 

Contactless Check-in

Instead of signing in, clients are asked to verbally check in with our front desk staff. This cuts down on contact between persons in the studio!

Class Size

All classes are at half capacity. This ensures that all clients are spaced out at least 6 feet to meet CDC guidelines.

Keep Your Distance

While in the studio, we ask that you go directly to your station where you will stay the entire class. As soon as class ends, you are required to put your mask back on and immediately leave the studio so our staff can deep clean in the studio.

Late Cancel Policy

Our late cancel policy has increased from 2 hours to 8 hours prior to the scheduled class time. Since we have half-capacity classes, we want to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to get into the studio. If you cancel within the 8 hour window, you will be charged a late cancel fee. Please let us know if you are late cancelling due to personal illness or exposure to COVID-19 and we will waive your late cancel fee.

Stay @ Your Station

Your station will be your home for the entire duration of class. All of your equipment is already laid out and your instructor will ask you if you need any additional weights! There is no moving around the room to ensure that you are staying in your own personal space for the entire class! 


As soon as class ends, our staff thoroughly disinfects all touched surfaces in the studio. Including your barre, TRX straps, gliders, weights, and all high-touch areas not at your station. We are diligently working to keep you safe at all times you are in the studio!