#1: Bala Aesthetics

This was the week before Valentine’s Day and we had our annual Love Week coming up! Different theme classes each day, retail sales, candy, all the things. I asked some of our staff to come to the studio and wear all the pink they could find! We had a fun photoshoot before taking a class <3

#2: Pop-Up BREAK

For all of our pop-ups, we ask staff to come and demo the postures so that there is plenty of visibility for all participants. I was helping demo for this one. The trick is: whenever you feel a lil tired, or want to skip the burpees section, start taking pictures 😉

#3: Angles Baby!

This is my friend, who is also a client! She was trying on some of our retail and we decided that we had to get a picture. I was actually on the ground trying to make our vision come to life! Do it for the gram, ladies and gentlemen.

#4: Mayoral Duties

This is our mayor, Randall Woodfin. He was eating at the restaurant below our studio and heard our music playing. When he walked in, I was actually starstruck. He started asking about our workout and said he loved the playlist! As he was leaving, I said “aren’t you the mayor?” and snagged a pic! Still starstruck.


We celebrated 2 years of True40 Downtown Birmingham August 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic and wow we are so grateful for everyone that has helped us get here. After this photo was taken, the night before the celebration, all of the teal balloons deflated and were hanging limp under the big 2. A true 2020 celebration!

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