We have all heard the phrase “self care.” It has become a hot topic in the world of health and mental health and for good reason too! Self care is the act of doing or not doing something for YOU to provide some sort of rest, peace, or relief. Self care is intended to be a breather in the moment and to give us the little extra umph we need in all other areas of our lives. Self care is also known to be a positive way to unwind. Self care is vital to our mental and physical well-being. 

Well that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? 

We all know that self care is an important part of taking care of ourselves but things like massages and facials can get expensive. 

Never fear! Here are some of the True40 team’s Top 10 Ideas for Inexpensive Self Care:

1. Call A Girlfriend

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it can be so easy to neglect the simplicity of sharing life with those we love. So, call a friend, tell her about your day, ask her about hers. And just sit, or drive, and talk, try not to do a million others things while dangling the phone between your shoulder and your cheek. Just let yourself hear and be heard. Friends are good for the soul so take the time to simply call and be known.

2. Sleep in Late

Oh the beauty of not setting an alarm. Try it sometime; it is a great tool for self care. We often feel the pressure to stick to the routine or to constantly be checking off the day’s “to do list” but hey, we are convinced that sleeping in every once in awhile (or every Saturday but who’s counting?) is just what we need to lead a healthy, balanced and successful lifestyle. Sleep in late, don’t set an alarm, and practice stillness. We all need a little R&R sometimes.

3. Get Moving

Endorphins, endorphins and more endorphins. We have got to get them out so get moving! Go for a walk, stretch, go to a fitness class like True40 ;), play a sport, go swimming, or dance. Exercise is a great avenue for self care and the benefits last far beyond the moment you move. Exercise provides better sleep, eating habits, moods, and energy. This is a package deal. Self care in the moment and an everyday healthy lifestyle. It’s that good. Get moving and include a friend, it is always better to have accountability in taking care of yourself. We all need a little help from our friends sometimes.

4. Watch An Interesting Documentary

We have all heard the saying “Be a lifelong learner” and guess what? “They” are right. Challenging your mind to learn and gain a deeper understanding of something can indeed be self care. It can be fascinating to take time to learn something that interest you or that you are passionate about. It can be hard to pull away from work or school and learn something just because it interests you but we encourage you to stretch yourself. Everyone has a genus, an area that they are considered an expert or a constant researcher of but you may neglect that genus because “duty calls.” Take some time to watch a documentary on something that interests you and just absorb it. Be kind to your mind, it is uniquely made and meant to be used to gain deep knowledge. Don’t sell your intellect sort, it may be the self care you need to find your genus and inspire others with what you learn. 

5. Dress Up For No Reason

Self care for the extroverts of the world can be harder to come by, especially if you get your energy from being with others. So dress up for no reason, go out, enjoy a nice dinner, dancing, or live music. Everyone loves a little curl in their hair and red on the lips from time to time. Dressing up and feeling BEAUTIFUL may be just what you need to be reminded that you are one great creation. 

6. Do Something Artistic

It is not about the finished product, it is about the process. Draw a picture, paint, make pottery, create a fresh flower bouquet. Enjoy creating and try not to have too high of expectations for what you are creating. Find self care in using your hands and focusing your mind on calmness rather than the hustle an bustle of everyday life. School, work, and even family and friends expect us to perform in such a way that meets a standard but with art as a means of self care there are truly no expectations. Take a breather and use your hands to CREATE!

7. Plant and Prune

Yard work or gardening is known to be therapeutic on so many levels and we are big fans of anything and everything therapeutic. Get your hands dirty, it’s fun and top notch self care. It is so rewarding to plant, prune, water, and nourish something to make it grow. Not to mention that being out in the sunshine gives you a little extra Vitamin D and a lot more happiness. Both sunshine and sweat help to increase good moods. It’s a win/win, be happy and have a stellar yard.

8. Take A Bubble Bath

Lavender essential oils, a little epsom salts, and the perfect candle go a long way in creating the perfect bubble bath environment. Call this a cliche self care idea but it’s too good not to share. The stillness of a bath that leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed is exactly what people mean when they say “self care.” Don’t look past a good old fashioned bubble bath, the benefits are unbeatable. Grab a refreshing beverage and soak up all that self care.

9. Read A Good Book/Journal

In a world of being a student, a business woman, an athlete, a helper, a mom, a wife, a friend or a pet owner, reading or writing for pleasure happens well, never. But, a good book or a nice long journaling session may be just what you need to wind down, process your day, or just escape into someone else’s world for a little while. Reading or writing out an entrancing story or the happenings of your own thoughts can care for the uniqueness of your mind, body, soul. So sit, read, write, dive in, it’s GOOD for you.

10. Join The True40 Family

True40 is more than just a fitness studio, it is a community committed to helping you care for yourself in the most healthiest way for YOU. Be true. Be you. As we always say. Loving your body, is indeed self care and True40 is passionate about providing an avenue for self care through our high intensity, low impact, classes that get your body moving, your mind at ease, and hopefully your very being encouraged to be a woman who is confident and empowered to take on your passions.