Catherine Fitzwater Sager

I found True40 while repairing my relationship with food and exercise. I can’t sing their praises enough, because I finally found a home that promotes honoring my body and doing what feels best for me today. Instead of fostering a sense of competition, it’s a place filled with encouragement and joy.

Jamie Walden

Something that has drawn me to this workout is the way each instructor expresses a specific modifications for every exercise. True40 is a workout that takes the shame out of having to tweak a move to suit whatever issues a client may have going on. The instructors have been incredibly accessible, knowledgeable, and down to earth.

Chelsea Martin

True40 has changed the way I look and feel in my mind, body, and soul. It has taught me that I can push myself some days, but on other days it’s ok to listen to my body and take it easy and still get a great workout. True40 is what I 100% give credit to helping me feel great during my whole pregnancy!

Jessica Plaxco

Since I started, this True40 experience has made me look forward to waking up, which hasn’t been a thing for me in a long time. I’m trying to do whatever I can to improve my mind, body, and soul, which doesn’t come cheaply these days. I like the feeling of being a part of something like True40. I’m learning to love myself more every day, and True40 is like a huge wave bringing me to the shore of peace. I’ve felt so welcome and it makes my heart shine to know that people who are doing the things they’re passionate about, want others to experience that same passion.

Zane Mahone

Thinking True40 would be like any other barre class, I began stressing about the cellulite shown through the back of my leggings and my ability to not make ugly faces as my legs trembled. After my first class, that was gone. The instructors are there to encourage you and find limits that challenge YOU – while never making you feel less about yourself if you have to take a modification. They really make the class about honoring your body as God’s holy temple – which is so relieving in a world so focused on image! The classes leave you drenched in sweat.. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go honestly!

Alli Maddox

I’m so glad I found True40! After dealing with back pain and a doctor telling me to limit my activity, I was getting bored and restless. Cue me seeing the True40 sign, looking up info on it, and I was in the studio the next day for my first class.  Being that this was my first Barre experience, I walked in a little nervous but was welcomed by the staff as if I was an old friend. The instructors are amazing–they always find a way to help by modifying the exercises so it is something I can do that isn’t straining my back. Now True40 has become a regular part of my week. I truly look forward to each class and the friends I’ve made there. The low impact workout has helped me tone up all over and has strengthened my core which I desperately needed with my back issues. Thank you True40 for opening your studio, welcoming me, and getting me active again!!

Rebecca Fitz Ash

I could go on & on! When I was teaching, True40 was such a great stress reliever & helped me balance my mind & body and gave me time to process my day before going home. Since being pregnant, True40 has helped me to connect with my body, prepare for childbirth & mom life, and has given me motivation & confidence to keep moving when I’d rather be sitting on the couch. The amazing instructors always give the best modifications to keep me moving safely. We budget tightly, meal plan, don’t have cable, etc but True40 is an investment in my physical & mental health that we prioritize and I leave feeling so grateful for the True40 community every time!

Steve Wilson

I enjoy the classes at True40. The studio has become the highlight of my week as I strive to stay as fit as possible. All the class leaders motivate me to do my best as I try to reach my fitness goals. I have gained flexibility, muscle tone and balance in classes designed to encourage and instruct. I look forward to my time with enthusiastic instructors and fun classmates.

Amy Stone

Ohhhhh man. If you’re around me you know I’m singing True40’s praises. In a season with two boys under two, working and being a mama – it’s hard for me to find time for myself. I literally wake up looking forward to exercising. Who knew?! I’ve had a weird relationship with excercise in the past. It felt like punishment. But True40 makes me feel strong, connected, and empowered in my own body. It’s so good for my mental health. The instructors are so encouraging, so real. I love the community. I tried another barre kind of class and I literally went once and came right back to True40 because there’s nothing like it. So thankful for y’all in this season in my life! It’s an investment well worth making. And True40 makes it a little easier to chase these nuggets.

Elizabeth Manning

True40 has always felt like such a welcoming and positive place. I feel like exercise studios of all kinds can often feel like an exclusive club, and I’m thankful to have found a place that doesn’t feel like that!