Sore after a workout? Here are a few of our favorite ways to reduce soreness so you can keep getting back to our classes! 

  • Stay active… nothing too intense, but continuing your exercise is key to avoiding that soreness! Getting back into another class the next day or going for a short run / walk is a great way to not have that post workout soreness last for days!
  • WATER WATER WATER!! Drinking water after you exercise is important to prevent stiffness in the muscles! And we like to throw in a Spark packet every now and then for that little boost of energy!
  • Make sure to eat a well-balanced meal after you exercise within 1-3 hours. Rather than grabbing a cookie to reward yourself for working out, choose a salad or some chicken and veggies!
  • Make sure to get plenty of rest! Rest is key to exercising healthy! Without the sleep and rest your body needs, your muscles will be working in overtime to try and recover, therefore creating more soreness!
  • Stretching after a workout is important too. That’s why we always spend a few minutes stretching at the end of each True40 class to help with that soreness!
  • On our Pinterest, we have a few stretches we love for a post workout cool down! A few of our favorites are…
    • Happy baby
    • Runner’s lunge
    • Vinyasa flow
    • Cat / Cows
  • A foam roller after your exercise is a great tool! Rolling out the muscles in your spine, hip flexors, and legs can save you from that next day pain and get you back to a class at True40!

Need more tips or other stretches for certain muscles? Just ask your True40 instructor and we will be happy to help as best we can!3 Likes