just signed up for your first True40 class either online, through the MindBody app, or by calling the studio! Wahoo! Now what? We have a few tips for you! At True40, we want everyone that comes through the door to feel comfortable and welcomed. For your first visit, we ask clients to come in about 15 minutes before class time. That way you can get warmed up to the studio, fill out safety waivers, and prepare for class! Each True40 class is a 60 minute long balanced mixture of barre, yoga, Pilates, bodyweight training and TRX. Classes are programmed for quick body-shaping results, improved postural alignment, increased core strength, and enhanced overall mobility.

Before you come to class, be sure to eat a healthy meal early enough so that your food has enough time to digest. Make sure to eat good food (not junk food) and enough of it! If you don’t eat enough, you won’t have enough calories to burn! Whether it’s a power smoothie, a chicken sandwich, or just a powerbar, eating good before you workout is key! (Check out our pinterest here for some good recipes!)

Hydration is key! Take care of yourself and do yourself a big favor. It is recommended to drink about 8 glasses of water a day. Healthy water intake promotes proper cell function and this allows our bodies to fight off infection, increase energy, prevent cramps, and so much more. Because True40 classes are challenging, we encourage all participants to bring a water bottle! Don’t worry if you forget, we have water in the studio available for purchase.

Afraid that you’ll be behind in class? Our instructors are fabulous, trained and are here to assist you and give any modifications to meet your specific needs. True40 workouts are designed to be low impact, with no jumping and minimal stress on your joints. We have also partnered with local physical therapists to make sure every movement and posture we do in class is safe for your body! Have an injury? Make sure to tell your instructor before class and she’ll be sure to give you any modifications!

All workouts are done barefoot or with sticky socks. We encourage you to come dressed in something you feel comfortable to move around in and stretching in! If you want to try out sticky socks but don’t have any, we have several different styles and sizes available for purchase.

Give us a call if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see you in the studio!