True40 was created to be more than just a workout studio, building a community that strives to balance all aspects of life. True40 is the first of its kind. After teaching several different types of fitness classes, owner and founder Allie Weingarten was inspired to create a unique program that incorporated a little bit of everything. She wanted to provide people with a safe, encouraging atmosphere where they could workout and grow together. The True40 workout is designed to focus on honoring the body while incorporating high energy and high intensity exercises, but still low impact. By listening to and being correct on the body with rehabilitation moves, the True40 workout is for EVERYONE. 

The overall goal of True40 is to make people feel confident. We strive to be a place of comfort that constantly challenges one to be the best they can be through our workouts and throughout the community within the studio. We want people gain strength in mind and body so that they can promote wellness in themselves and to those around them. 

Allie has a vision for the future of True40 as a business. We wanted to start this blog to connect with our clients on a deeper level that extends far beyond fitness. While True40 is a fitness studio with a great team of motivating instructors, we also know it is important to find a healthy balance not just between fitness and nutrition, but mental and emotional stability as well. Our blog will highlight nutritional recipes, inspirational books, influential women within the community, True40 members of the month, and more! We are so excited for you to take this journey with us as we launch True40’s healthy lifestyle blog!


True40 promises a positive experience every workout, teaches you to be true to you and nurtures honor in your life. Our low impact high energy program is intended to inspire confidence in and out of the studio. We will focus your attention to create a powerful body, renew your strength, and open your mind to reach your fullest ability. We strive to live out Isaiah 40:31 everyday and instill it in our business practices. Embrace your challenges, energize your body, and empower your dreams.