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True40® Studio is a boutique fitness studio creating a mindset shift in the modern fitness space.

move true, be you.

While workouts have traditionally been viewed as a means of controlling the body, we believe in movement as a celebration of the body.

Our method combines principles of strength training, cardio, barre, Pilates, and yoga. As our inspiring community expands through Alabama and beyond, True40® Studio encourages and empowers people to move true to their bodies, and ultimately step into their highest, truest selves.

"True40® Studio does just as much for me mentally as it does physically."

michelle moultrie, birmingham

This is a space where you are welcomed and accepted as you are, and where all body sizes, types, and abilities are celebrated.

Brandi Stacey, Tuscaloosa 

For the first time, I found a complete workout that raised my heart rate, challenged my strength and balance and ended with a peaceful stretch. All in one hour. 

cile cowin, birmingham

client love

client love

celebration of movement.

a true

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Join our studio partner family. Begin a fulfilling career that you want to jump out of bed for, and change lives in the process. Help to spread self knowledge and love through fitness and community. Lead a team of like-minded individuals focused on the same mission to empowering a community of people to move true to their bodies, and ultimately become their best selves. Be supported by our Corporate team, led by our CEO who once was a franchisee herself.

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