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The Auburn studio is centrally located in the shopping center near the Glenn/Dean Kroger. Our studio has plenty of space to change clothes, and our high quality childcare is perfect for mamas taking time for themselves. Our studio boutique sells sticky socks, the cutest apparel, water, and refreshing drinks. We love helping you honor your body + move true to you!

Healthcare workers, military & teachers get 15% off unlimited memberships and class packs.

819 E Glenn Ave Auburn, AL 36830

(334) 521-5121


auburn pricing:

  • First Class for $10
  • 1 Month Unlimited for $99

New Client Specials (once per client):

  • Single Class - $22
  • 5 Classes - $100 (expires after 3 months)
  • 10 Classes - $190 (expires after 3 months)
  • 20 Classes - $340 (expires after 6 months)
  • Single Childcare Session - $8
  • 10 Childcare Pack - $50
  • 20 Childcare Pack - $100

class packs (one upfront payment)

  • Unlimited Membership - $165/month*
  • Bride-to-Be/Pre & Post Natal 3 Month Unlimited - $140/month***
  • Student Unlimited Membership - $135/month**
  • 4 Classes Per Month - $80/month*
  • 8 Classes Per Month - $155/month*
  • Unlimited Childcare (any number of children) - $35/month

monthly auto draft memberships

Sara Teel is an Auburn native and graduated from Auburn University in 2013. She discovered True40® Studio after moving back from teaching overseas with her husband and daughter. As a new mom and full-time elementary teacher, she needed community and a challenging yet safe workout for postpartum recovery — True40® was the perfect fit! Sara became an instructor in 2019 and answered God’s calling as studio owner in May 2023. She finds joy in working with her amazing staff to make clients feel welcomed, strengthened, and renewed in all areas of life. Sara lives in Auburn with her husband Jesse, two children Camellia and Oaks, and their most recent family addition: four chickens!

meet the owner

  • 6 Month Unlimited - $900
  • 1 Year Unlimited - $1,650

Annual Lump Sum

*One upfront payment; cannot be refunded, suspended, or terminated.

*May cancel or pause with 30 day notice ($10/month hold fee)
**May cancel or pause with 30 day notice ($10/month hold fee)
***Expires at the end of membership (can't cancel or pause)

downtown birmingham

Our brand headquarters and downtown Birmingham studio is nestled in the heart of Southside, on the second floor of the Battery development, right off the highway. We’re lucky to enjoy a beautiful view of downtown with huge windows and tons of natural light. We have a free parking lot, along with free parking surrounding the development. We also have a shower for you to use if you’re sweating with us before work or on your lunch break! We offer childcare for our busy mamas for a nominal fee, and require sticky socks for class (we have them available for purchase in our studio boutique, along with some cuuuutte retail). Our fridge is always stocked with bottled water and Celsius, but feel free to bring your own water bottle or Stanley Cup (IYKYK). True40's Birmingham studio has won Birmingham's Best Fitness Studio by About Town 2019-2021, and placed as a finalist 2022-2023. Kaitlyn, our owner, was named Birmingham's Best Fitness Instructor in 2023, and was a finalist 2021-2022. 

Nurses, teachers, and military/immediate family of active military get 15% off all class options, excluding specials.

2201 2nd Ave. S, Suite #201 Birmingham, AL 35233

(205) 224-5498


birmingham pricing:

  • 12 Months Unlimited for $165/month
  • 6 Months Unlimited for $180/month
  • 3 Months Unlimited for $195/month
  • One-Year Lump Sum for $1680 - breaks down to $140/month
  • 3 Month Bride-to-Be or Post-Natal Package (must be 6 months or less postpartum at start) for $145/month
  • Student Membership (must show proof of current enrollment + graduation date, can hold or terminate at any time with 30 days notice) for $140/month

Membership options:

  • 20 Classes for $335
  • 10 Classes for $195
  • 5 Classes for $110
  • Single Class for $24

class packs (expire after 3 months)

  • 10 Pack for $70
  • 5 Pack for $40
  • Single Class for $10
  • Unlimited monthly membership $40/month

childcare options (Expire after 12 months)

Kaitlyn Bentley is the owner of the Birmingham studio, and also serves as the True40 Studio brand CEO. Since 2016, she has transitioned from studio manager of a former location, to franchisee when she opened this studio in 2018, to master trainer for all instructors across the brand, and ultimately to brand owner. Kaitlyn believes in celebrating the body, and continuously working to connect with your highest self. She is passionate about creating a sanctuary for clients, where they feel supported mentally, spiritually, and physically. Kaitlyn graduated from Auburn University in 2011 with degrees in Public Relations and Business Administration, and pre-True40 she worked in management in Corporate Public Relations. She enjoys live music, happy hour with friends, reading, and having fun with her family.

meet the owner

Sydney King serves as the studio’s manager and the brand COO. She leads the Birmingham team, and manages company operations alongside Kaitlyn. She will greet you with a smile when you walk in for your first class, and always remembers the little things, like where you went on your vacation, when you took your exam, or how you recently got promoted at work. She’s your new BFF! Sydney is from Auburn, AL and graduated from Auburn University in 2019 with a degree in Marketing and Sustainability. She has always had a passion, in both career and life, to work creatively and relationally. She has found her dream job at True40, fostering the community that is present today. Sydney loves anything pink, Harry Styles + Taylor Swift, and getting organized. 

meet the manager

Our Tuscaloosa studio is ingrained in our city, centered among the University of Alabama, Northport, and North River area. We are located on Northbank Parkway right on Rice Mine Road. Our centralized location has free parking and a thriving and developing area to eat, drink and enjoy after class! We have a beautiful spacious check in area with plenty of room to prepare for your workout! Our high quality childcare area is full of toys and books your little ones can enjoy while you have an hour to move true and be you! Our studio boutique sells sticky socks (as required for class), bala bangles (not required but so amazing to turn up the heat) and tons of apparel! Not to mention a fully stocked fridge with cool waters if you forget yours and some pick me up beverages if you need one! We can't wait to sweat shake and burn with you in TTOWN! 

Nurses, teachers, and military get 15% off all class options, excluding specials.

1490 Northbank Pkwy, Suite #190
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

(205) 561-6395


Tuscaloosa pricing:

  • 12 Months Unlimited for $160/month
  • 6 Months Unlimited for $175/month
  • 3 Months Unlimited for $190/month
  • 3 Month Bride-to-Be or Post-Natal Package for $145/month (must be 6 months postpartum or less to start)
  • 5 Month Student Membership for $140/month
  • One Year Lump Sum: $1680 ($140/month)

Membership options:

  • 20 Classes for $325
  • 10 Classes for $185
  • 5 Classes for $110
  • Drop In Single Class for $22

class packs

  • 20 Pack for $100
  • 10 Pack for $55
  • Single Session for $8

childcare packs

Meet the owner: Ashley Oswalt came and settled in Tuscaloosa, AL from the Big Apple! Longing for ways to stay active and a sense of community, she found the newly opened True40® Tuscaloosa studio in 2018 and fell in love with the beautiful space, the killer workout, and the community that gave her space to feel at home. After being a client for several months, the opportunities with True40 became TRUE blessings as the years progressed: from instructor, to studio manager, to studio owner! Ashley has built a passionate and uplifting community in Tuscaloosa that truly feels like family. She is currently enjoying life with her husband Trey, daughter Sutton, and baby # 2 on the way!

meet the owner



what can i expect in a true40 class?

The True40® Studio method is a fusion of high-intensity, low-impact strength training that is inspired by barre, functional resistance training, Pilates, and yoga. Classes range from 45-60 minutes and offer both optional modifications and optional challenges, so that you can move in a way that is true to YOUR body. This means that our classes are also safe for pregnancy, postpartum, and injury-recovery. Through empowering instructors, and movements tailored to the beat of the music, the True40® Studio method is a true celebration of movement. While each True40 class has the same setup and design, the specific exercises targeting different areas of the body will vary. Our True40 instructors each bring a different energy and personality to every class they teach!

how long is each session?

Our True40 Fusion class is 60 minutes long, our True40 Express class is 50 minutes long, and our True40 Cardio class is 45 minutes long.

i'm new - what do i need to know, and what should i bring?

Check your local studio’s page to learn about parking or other studio-specific details. Please arrive 15 minutes before class to fill out new client paperwork, get settled, and meet the team! Your instructor will help you set up and make sure you feel prepared for class. Sticky socks are required and for sale at your studio boutique if you need some. Each studio has water fountains and offers water for sale, in case you forget your water bottle. The studios offer hand towels for those sweaty moments. 

if i'm a beginner, have an injury, or am pregnant/postpartum, can i do a true40 class?

True40 is meant for all fitness levels, body types, life seasons, and ages! We thoughtfully program our classes to work opposing muscle groups, improving strength and mobility throughout the entire body, in a safe manner. Our instructors are trained to offer variations and modifications to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re working out for the first time, coming back after a hiatus, pregnant or postpartum, or returning to activity post-injury, you’ll be able to tailor the workout to meet you where you are. 

If you have an injury, we advise that you consult with your doctor to make sure fitness is an appropriate step in your recovery. Please inform the instructor of your injury before class, so you can talk through the right modifications. Listen to your body! 

The True40 Studio method is safe for pregnant and postpartum women. If you’re pregnant or postpartum, we encourage conversations with your physician to ensure that our classes are appropriate. Prior to class, talk to your instructor about where you are, so they can offer modifications and things to keep in mind. If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your body, and ask an instructor for further clarification. 

what should i wear?

We recommend wearing anything you feel comfortable moving and bending in. Sticky socks are required and available for purchase in the studio boutique.

is there parking?

Each studio has accessible parking. Check your local studio’s page for specific information. 

is there childcare?

Each True40 Studio offers childcare - we are passionate about helping our mamas take time for themselves! True40 employees all hold CPR certification, and our childcare staff has experience with children of all ages. Childcare is available for a nominal fee. In the studio’s play space, your child can play with toys, puzzles, read, or do homework. For the safety of your little one, we limit childcare capacity. We welcome children ages 6 weeks to 10 years old. Check with your local studio for pricing and booking processes.

are there showers?

Currently, the only location that offers a shower is downtown Birmingham. 

how often should i come to class?

The national recommendation for exercise states that for major health benefits, you should perform at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week and include muscle-strengthening activities 2 or more days a week. True40 workouts are low-impact and are safe for every day. We recommend 3-4 classes a week, but the more you come, the faster you will see results!

how will true40 change my body?

True40 classes will lengthen and tone your muscles, boost your energy, and increase your confidence. You will notice an increase in strength in your legs, arms and core, tightening and lift in your glutes, and improvement in your overall posture and balance. You’ll also feel more body aware. 

besides physical changes to my body, what else can i expect?

What we hear most from our clients is that after consistently taking True40 classes they sleep better, feel less stressed, have better posture, feel more energized and experience lessened symptoms of any injuries/ailments.

what is a trx?

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. TRX suspension straps are part of each class, and use your body weight against gravity to fire the entire body and produce a major calorie burn! They are a versatile piece of equipment you will use throughout class. You’ll build core strength to stabilize your body through each exercise.

Do you live somewhere without a local True40, or are you a member but will be traveling or busy? Stay connected to our True40 Family through our On Demand page! We have more than 100 classes in our library with different lengths and formats, so you can choose what you specifically need! 

You can purchase one class for $5, or a month of unlimited access to our entire library for $25.

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