Saving Time: Dry Shampoo Edition

I don’t know about you all, but I know I constantly find myself running late and looking for ways to save time getting ready in the mornings. Especially on mornings I teach, I find myself running even more late than I normally do. I’ve learned the best way to save time is dry shampoo. Now, I know everybody has their favorite dry shampoo and the reason they love it but hear me out! Here’s a list of dry shampoos we are living for right now and why we are loving them!

Our Favorite Dry Shampoos and Why We Love Them!

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo
    • Now this one ranks well in almost all of the categories. It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and does the job! What more can you ask for? This is definitely one of the most popular dry shampoos in my opinion- you can’t go a day without seeing a commercial for it! Batiste refreshes hair instantly, masks any odor you might be having, adds instant volume AND hides any oily that is in your hair! That’s not even the best part about this dry shampoo- it doesn’t leave behind a white residue that most dry shampoos do! To make this dry shampoo even better, they make a tinted dry shampoo for any ladies needing to hide their roots or mask some unwanted grey hairs! This one is definitely a winner in my book.

2. Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo (Clean Freak)

    • Next up on the list is Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo! This dry shampoo gives us that extra “umph” our hair needs volume wise once again without the chalky residue other dry shampoos may have! This dry shampoo will absorb any excess oil, refresh your hair do and add some extra volume! All at a reasonable budget- you can find this at any of our local grocery stores! Another perk of this dry shampoo is it comes in a travel size!! I love to take my beauty products with me when I travel so this is an added perk to me and I’m sure anyone who travels a lot can agree!

3. Milkshake Dry Shampoo

    • Now hang in here with me, I know this one is a little more expensive but hey quality over quantity am I right? This dry shampoo is not only amazing, but it smells exceptional! Every time I spray this into my hair, I feel like I’m walking into an ice cream parlor. This dry shampoo never fails to absorb any oil I may have or add that extra volume whenever I need it! Although it is a bit more on the expensive side, it will last you a long time and it is worth the extra splurge. I find myself spraying this in my hair even if my hair isn’t oily at all just to add extra volume. 10/10 recommend this splurge- this is my current favorite!

4. Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo

    • To all my dark headed ladies out there, this one is for you! This dry shampoo is made to blend into darker hair. The spray is a nice light mist that diffuses evenly into your hair to add that extra volume without being too overpowering! The fragrance of this dry shampoo has just the right amount so it’s not too overpowering! This formula is known to be effective in keeping hair clean for multiple days which is another huge bonus.

5. Amika Perk Up Dry

    • Everybody can recognize the Amika products by their beautiful packaging. If it’s not the bottle that makes you want to buy this dry shampoo, it’s the smell. This dry shampoo smells absolutely amazing and doesn’t leave us with that “powdery” feeling. This product not only looks good, but also performs as good as it looks! This is the perfect dry shampoo post workout; you can load your hair up with this and never once worry about how powdery it looks. Although this one is harder to find, it can still be found on Amazon and Sephora!

6. Lululemon’s No Show Dry Shampoo

    • Now, I am a HUGE Lululemon fan and I will try just about anything they release. Although I haven’t tried this one, yet I have heard nothing but good things. Personally, I think it’s genius. I mean a company that makes workout clothes also making a dry shampoo for after workouts? Sounds like they know what they’re talking about to me. The description of this item on Lululemon’s website specifically mentions transitioning from a sweaty workout, which is what we all want and need right? A dry shampoo to use that takes our sweaty hair and makes it look work worthy? Perfect. This one is definitely next on my dry shampoos to try list. This one is perfect for all of those mid-afternoon lunch sweat sessions where we still have to return to work to finish out the day.

Find the One That Works for YOU!

As you can see, there are a lot of brands to choose from! The best thing about dry shampoo is there are a TON of different ones! You can test out all the different ones and find out what brand is right for you! For the longest time I didn’t see the point in dry shampoo but, early morning workouts and not a lot of time to get ready quickly changed my view. One tip that really helped me when I started dry shampoo was to use my hair drier a little bit after I put the dry shampoo in my hair. Although most of these dry shampoos don’t leave a residue, they do have a little bit of a white color which sometimes looks weird with my hair. I’ve found throwing the hair drier over my head for 1-2 minutes has the dry shampoo locked in and looking good in no time. Find your dry shampoo and start using it! I can promise you once you start, you won’t stop.